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Local. Fresh. Delicious.

Berkshires Direct is a sustainability-focused food delivery platform that offers chef-curated baskets of locally sourced produce and goods, as well as exceptional service to support a farm-to-home lifestyle. It is currently focused on delivery in Connecticut and New York.

Berkshires Direct is a small operation, with a ton of heart that’s run by friends, based in Connecticut.

In 2020 in the midst of the global pandemic, an idea sprouted between two friends, Wil, a long standing supporter of local food chains and food security, and Nick, who has been working closely with farms for years and operates Marty’s Local.

We partnered with the Marty’s Local team to leverage their incredible network of farmers to bring Connecticut and New York homes high-quality produce and goods from farms across the Northeast. Since our inception, we’ve also built relationships with farms through the Northwest Connecticut Regional Foodhub to continuously expand the selection of produce we can provide and support more great farmers!

Whenever possible, we source organic produce. Berkshires Direct consolidates the best from the region into a weekly farm basket full of variety while respecting the seasonality of growing and the needs of your home.

Check out some of our supplier farms:

Atlas Farm

MX Morningstar Farm

Baer's Best

Cream of the Crop Farm

Maplebrook Farm

Five College Farms

Little Leaf Farms

Pine Hill Orchard

Ronnybrook Farm

Chaseholm Farm Creamery

High Lawn Farm

Miracle Springs Farm

Cricket Creek Farm

Robinson Farm

Let us bring you farm-fresh, healthy, and delicious fruits and vegetables to the safety of your home.

See more about the team who runs the show below!

Meet Our Team

Stephanie L. Park

Chief Executive Officer

With a longstanding love for innovation and good food, Stephanie is passionate about providing valuable resources and impactful experiences to home cooks across the region. Stephanie brings extensive business and management experience through consulting for firms spanning pre-seed startups to global top-tier organizations in a range of industries, including food & beverage, hospitality, fitness/wellness, and financial services. At Berkshires Direct, Stephanie is excited to couple her passions and professional strengths to deliver exceptional experiences and products.

Stephanie holds a BS in Industrial Engineering from Lehigh University and an MBA from Yale School of Management.

Caleb Ganzer

Chief Marketing Officer

Caleb is a vocal advocate of sustainable farming practices and passionate about educating his community on systemic issues within the nation’s food system. A leader within the NYC wine scene, and enthusiastic to push society-elevating ideas forward, he combines his advocacy with a hands-on approach of making the everyday consumer more resourceful and connected to their meals, hoping that future generations can enjoy the natural world around them.