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  • How do I order?

    1. Go to our Shop page
    2. Select subscription or On-Demand purchase (order by Saturday at noon for delivery on the upcoming Tuesday or Wednesday). You can choose your delivery frequency when you opt for a subscription. Monthly subscriptions can save you up to 10% or order as needed with On-Demand baskets
    3. Once you’re done shopping, proceed to your shopping cart! If you haven’t signed up yet, you’ll be asked for your email address and shipping information
    4. During checkout, in Order Notes, please tell us your preferences or if you have any allergies
    5. Select your method of payment to complete your order

  • What happens after I order? Do I need to do anything?

    + Before your delivery, you’ll receive an email from our team with a list of items to expect (this will be pretty darn close but to ensure that we’re providing you with the freshest items, we may remove certain items on the day of) If there are any items that you absolutely do not want, email us ASAP! We’ll do our very best to remove it.

    + On delivery day (Tuesday or Wednesday depending on your area), you’ll receive your basket. We will send you your delivery window ahead of time so you know when to expect us. You’ll also receive an email from us with recipes that feature our Basket ingredients.

    + Throughout the week, you can also expect great content about the farms we’re sourcing from, facts about the produce and items you’re finding in your basket, and special promotions!

  • I'm going out of town for a couple of weeks, can I pause my subscription?

    Yes! Life happens and sometimes you can’t be there for your weekly basket-- we totally understand. You can easily pause your subscription or skip a week in your account. Email us at for any assistance.

  • How do I pause my subscription?

    You can manage your subscription frequency, including pausing or skipping weeks, directly in your account!

  • I have a subscription but want to change my Basket type. How do I do that?

    Cancel your current subscription then start a new subscription with the new Basket type! If you have any questions around our products, please reach out to us at

  • Where do you currently deliver to?

    We’re currently delivering in Connecticut and New York City. However, we’re growing! Sign-up here to be the first to know about new locations we’re delivering in.

  • Where do you get your produce from?

    We work with our dear friends at Marty’s Local and the Northwest Connecticut Food Hub to source our produce-- they work with 70+ farms in the Berkshires agricultural region and beyond! Check out our About Us for a list of some of the farms we source from.