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July Farm Dinner: Extras

Thank you for attending the July Farm Dinner and for your continued support of local farms! In addition, thank you for allowing us to be a part of your lovely community -- we've loved meeting you all and sharing our produce with so many of you already and can't wait to continue to do so! 

We've prepared a few items as a small token of our appreciation :) 

1) The bag

reusable produce bag

-- a reusable produce storage bag made out of organic bamboo, machine washable, and can hold over 20 pounds! 

-- from bulk storing onions and potatoes storage to fruit hammock bags, this bag is breathable so your food stays fresh longer both inside the refrigerator and outside!

-- this bag can eliminate thousands of single use plastic bags to save our planet. Since there are no metal toggles or plastic closure beads, they are fully biodegradable.


2) The board

BD cheese board

-- a handcrafted cheese board made from JK Design, a husband and wife team in Great Barrington, MA

-- each piece is made using locally-sourced and reclaimed materials

-- each piece of raw wood is hand-selected by us then meticulously sanded, shaped and finished with custom non-toxic board oil 


3) The booklet

BD Seasonal Booklet

-- a snapshot of the seasons with Berkshires Direct

-- four actual baskets curated by the BD Team and sent out to customers around CT and NYC over the year

4) The postcard

BD Postcard

-- some additional information about us

-- a promo code to use or to share

5) The note

BD Seeded Note

-- a little something cheeky from us

-- plant it, if you feel so inclined -- it'll become something beautiful ;)

-- can be directly planted into the dirt in a pot or garden; keep moist for 4-6 weeks and allow for 4 hours of sunlight for wildflowers, including snapdragons, petunias, beard-tongues, daisies, thyme, poppy, foxglove, catchflies, maiden pinks, and chamomile

As a final thank you to all Community Table guests, we'd love to offer 40% off your first Berkshires Direct basket with promo code: CTFARMDIN40

All our best,

Stephanie and Caleb