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Earth's Palate Farm CSA Exclusive - Sunflower


This winter, we're offering a special CSA share from our good friends, Earth's Palate Farm! If you've ordered from us before, they're the farm behind those awesome lettuce heads (among many other delicious items).

Until March 12th, you can receive an entire CSA share exclusively from them!

What's inside...

- 3 winter greens (e.g. lettuce heads, spinach, arugula, baby kale)

- 1 root vegetable (e.g. beets, carrots, parsnips, winter squash)

- 1 herb or allium

- 1 dozen eggs


We decided to kick off CSA exclusives for a multitude of reasons, but ultimately we want you to know the farmers behind all of the food you're receiving. Why? Because they're pretty awesome, but also because it'll enhance your eating experience! By featuring a CSA at a time, we have the opportunity to highlight more on each farm while also enabling you to experience and taste the various subtleties and nuances expressed by each farmer about their produce. 


About Earth's Palate Farm:

Earth’s Palate Farm is a Family Farm located in Warren, CT. growing sustainable produce and ethical animal protein. Earth’s Palate Farm believes in the stewardship of people, planet, and performance while delivering a superior product that creates maximum value for our surrounding community.

A note from Earth's Palate Farm: 

We are deeply grateful for the support from our community by you participating in our CSA. We work with Mother Nature, she can be kind and unkind, meaning some crops grow better than others do. We are always positive and think fast on our feet to make sure our community has fresh vegetables and protein year round. As farmers, we take risks and gamble with nature to ensure wholesome food is delivered to your plate! We are proud to be your farmers, friends and neighbors.

Earth's Palate Farm CSA Exclusive - Sunflower